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New LED technology for car headlights

    New sports are coming. For the likes of audi, BMW and Toyota, they are actively studying the next generation of LED applications, LED car headlights.
    The development from halogen bulbs to LED headlights means brighter, whiter lighting output, and longer duration (four times longer duration) and lower overall energy consumption.
    Brighter lighting output will provide better visibility and improve overall security on the road.
    The whiter color means that the LED headlights are about 5,000 kelvin to 5500 kelvin, which is closer to the color of the sun, while the halogen bulb's yellow 3, 500 kelvin.
    In addition, leds are known for their durability, so they will keep the headlights "forever" near zero maintenance costs, while halogen headlights work only 500 hours.
    Audi announced the launch of the new audi R8 with LED headlamps, Toyota has launched the new 2010 prius hybrid, with an optional LED lamps (also applies to the brand lexus LS600h).


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