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Danger - Auto Mirrors Are Hazardous to Your Heath

Standard side view mirrors were installed on cars for years because they supposedly had the function of protecting you from getting into accidents, by allowing you to see on the side and back of your vehicle.
But did this work? Well think about this. You are driving down the highway and you happen to be in the middle lane or outer lane and you want to move over. You may or may not put your turn signal on, but you took the time to look back, trying to be careful so you don't hit anyone, then you start edging your car over, only to hear the loud blast of the driver's horn as he approaches you from the rear. You take evasive action by moving back into your previous lane in order to avoid a possible accident. Does this sound like the mirror worked. Don't sound like it. As a matter of fact, accidents are happening and have always happened due to blind spots from side view mirrors.
Sam Stephens of the Automobile Safety Foundation stated that "Drivers can not merge onto a freeway, or change lanes safely with standard equipment mirrors as they have a lethal blind spot." Doesn't sound promising. Also, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation stated that more than 413,000 vehicle accidents were caused by blind spots.
It is apparent that the most accidents occur when vehicles are changing lanes than any other form of collision. On average, more than 826,000 vehicles and more than 160,000 people are injured due to blind spots. It is obvious that the standard side view mirrors mounted on cars do not work. The blind spot mirror attachments are unsafe to use and need to be replaced.


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