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All About Toyota Mirrors: Functions, Importance, and Buying Guide

Auto Mirrors are some of the most important safety features of any automobile. We most often associate mirrors with vanity, but in automobiles, mirrors serve primarily for safety. Mirrors serve as a second pair of eyes for the driver by giving a good view, with a slight glance of the eye, of what is happening behind the vehicle without taking his eyes of the road. Visibility is always important and mirrors make sure that whatever is beyond the normal periphery of the driver's vision is made visible. Thus, the driver can react appropriately to whatever is happening behind him and avoid any accidents.
There are two basic types of auto mirrors: the rear view mirror and the side Auto Mirrors. The rear view mirror is a wide rectangular mirror that the driver's use to view anything behind the car. With a rear view mirror, the driver doesn't have to turn around to see what's going on behind the car. By simply glancing upward, the driver is able to see whether another car is coming too close or whether the rear of the car is about to hit something, for example, when parking. Rear view mirrors are indispensable in the safety of any car. In some cars, a "day/night" selector switch adjusts the tilt of the mirror so that it would divert most of the light striking it upwards to the car's headliner. This makes the Auto Mirrors more useful as it minimizes the glare.
The other important types of Auto Mirrors are the side mirrors. Side mirrors are further divided into two kinds: driver's side mirrors and passenger's side mirror. The driver's side mirror is located at the driver's side of the car's body. As with the rear view mirror, the driver's side mirror provides an important view of whatever is behind or beside the car without the driver having to turn around. The mirror can be adjusted to match the necessary visibility position. The driver's side mirror is often adjusted manually outside the car. In some cars, the mirror can be adjusted inside the car by a series of cables. At the other side of the car's body is the passenger's side mirror, which has the same functions as the one on the driver's side.


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