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Auto Fog Lights - HID And LED Bulbs Upgrade

You may have ever mistaken front fog lamps for headlamps. Actually, these two kinds of auto lights differ much from each other in shape, components and material. Most fog lamps are spherical in shape and contain simple components. Traditional lamps only have incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs, without any optional extras; however, more modern lamps may feature HID, and these lamps consist of more components and more helpful to enhance the visibility in poor weather conditions.
It's easy for you to upgrade your fog lights into more luminous HID ones. Aftermarket parts makers provide car users with a huge selection of custom HID lights bulbs, each of which is specially designed and made for particular car make, model and model year. Aftermarket HID light assemblies usually contain HID bulbs with street-legal color temperature, clear projector used for concentrating the light directly casted to the road surface of the front, and decorative CCFL angel eyes which beatify the overall look of the light.
Aside from HID bulbs, LED bulbs are also increasingly more used in this kind of auto lights. As fog lights are chiefly designed for cosmetic purpose in those countries where these lights are not required, LED lighting source is the optimum decoration for them. LED shines brightly, consumes little power and lasts long. These advantages have spurred its popularity with car users. Once LED lighting has been installed on your lamps, fantastic cosmetic effect will come out.


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