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The main purpose of headlamp is lighting front of car on the road and objects to ensure road safety.  Car headlights mounted on both sides of the head, each car loaded two or four. As the core of the car's lights, it is one of the important parts of automobiles, can guarantee safe operation, and headlamp lighting effects directly affect the operation of driving at night driving and traffic safety. Rational use of car headlights should be done high beam, low beam alternately changes as the night overtaking signal. High beam lamp power 45 ~ 60W, low beam lamp 25 ~ 55W.
How to use and maintenance the headlight?
1、Check the bulb, usually use and routine maintenance, the main attention to regular checks of vehicles and vast nocturnal lights, fog lights, brake lights is normal, if there is to find work lamp black, it should be replaced.
2、 How to replace the lamp? Vehicle to read the instructions, usually remember bulb socket structure is prepared to cope with a temporary status. Various types of light bulbs, if conditional, should be ready to supply brake lights and direction.
3、 Check the dust cover once cracking lamp NOTE If the lamp is easily cracked, causing rain water into the dust cover when driving lights, forming a fine mist in the chimney. Once the bright headlights of water, will be affected, perhaps the circuit connector corrosion, the damaged headlight. At this time, the owners can start headlight dust cover, and open the headlights, lights still lit headlights mist within 10 minutes of starting to disappear after 1 hour can completely disappear if disappears, do not worry, but if there is fog, go to a professional service station for processing.


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