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Automatic fog lamp function upgrade

    You may have mistook the front fog lamp. In fact, these two kinds of car lamps are very different in shape, parts and materials. Most fog lamps are spherical and contain simple components. Traditional bulbs have only incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs, with no optional accessories; More modern lights, however, may have HID functions, which are made up of more components and are more likely to improve visibility in bad weather conditions.
    You can easily upgrade fog lamps to brighter HID lamps. After-sales component manufacturers provide a large number of custom HID bulbs for car users, each designed and manufactured specifically for specific models, models and models. Aftermarket HID headlamp unit parts usually contains has street legal color temperature of the HID bulb, used to gather the light directly to the front road clear projector and used for overall appearance beautification lighting decorative CCFL angel eyes.


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